SRCS Building Company

500 Maple Street, Monticello, MN 55369

SRCS Building Company is exclusively dedicated to the ownership and management of the Swan River Charter School’s premises, ensuring a stable and conducive environment for educational pursuits. With a singular focus on property ownership, SRCS prioritizes the maintenance and enhancement of facilities to support the school’s mission and vision. Through strategic planning and meticulous upkeep, SRCS Building Company plays an integral role in sustaining the infrastructure that nurtures the growth and development of Swan River Charter School’s students and faculty.

Swan River Montessori Charter School is governed by its own school board comprised of teachers, parents and community members. All members are elected to the board and serve three year terms.

Should you wish to contact any member of the SRCS building board, you may send an email at the addresses listed below.  Any email correspondence received will be forwarded to every member prior to the upcoming board meeting.  Any response from SRCS building board (if applicable) will be given by the board chair either before or after the next board meeting takes place. 

Our Current School Board Members

  • Mr. Rick Freese, Board Chair
    • Email:
  • Mr. Mathew Savage
  • Dan Cotten
  • Jonathan Evink
  • Kirsten Host

Upcoming Board Meeting :

Next Board Meeting: Thursday, August 8, 2024 at 3:30 AM in the Kitchen/Work room of the 503 Maple St building

Prior Meeting Minutes

SRCS 4.11.24 minutes

SRCS 2.22.24 minutes

SRCS 11.2.23 Minutes


SRCS Board of Directors Bylaws, Reports & Documents

SRCS Building Company Bylaws