Financial Aid

As part of its mission, Swan River Montessori Charter School and Children’s House Program strives to offer authentic Montessori education to those who seek it. Therefore, a financial assistance fund has been established to help those families in need and who meet the income requirements.

Should your family experience unusual or unpredictable financial hardships, please consult with the School Director as soon as possible. It is the Board of Directors policy to make every effort to assist families to make arrangements for payments.

Swan River Montessori Children’s House Program:

Financial Assistance Policies

  • Financial aid applications must be submitted to the School Director via standard mail or you may drop off the application in person at our main office.
  • Two recent pay stubs must be provided by for all parents/legal guardians who are earning income as well as W-2 forms to verify total family income or unemployment status.
  • A separate application must be submitted for each child applying for aid, however, the same set of financial documents may be used.
  • Financial assistance may vary per family and will not exceed 25% of monthly tuition due from September through June.
  • Each application will be reviewed by the Financial Aid Committee, inclusive of School Director. This committee will determine all financial aid to be awarded, if any, based on the information provided and the funds available. All names will be removed for the sake of the family’s privacy.
  • All information received during the application process will be kept confidential.
  • Notice of any change in financial status must be given to the main office immediately.
  • All financial aid recipients may be subject to a review mid school year to re-qualify for a scholarship. At this time, updated financial information will be required.

Financial aid is awarded based on the following criteria:

  • Availability of funds
  • Financial qualification
  • Special circumstances as described on the application


Financial Aid Application